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A heart beats...and flutters, skips a beat, races, and pounds. A heart beat technically means you are alive.  But we are deaf to our own heartbeats most of our lives, except when it changes the tempo and catches our attention.

Most music lulls us into complacency, with a regular steady beat so it becomes part of the background. Droning. Like passionless hearts.  

Freex challenges you to wake up, be aware of your surroundings. The beats alternate between rage and groove, to snap you out of complacency. Mtv, fluoride, chemtrails, corn syrup, CNN, Kardashians, I Heart Radio, Congress, reptoids, and modern life have dulled us. Flipping the beats and fracking the tempo helps free your mind.

Get woke with Bay Area funky alternative punk music for your mind and soul. The beats, the bass, the riffs, and trips of fREEX will snap a sleeping nation into a bewildered consciousness. Where you go then is up to you.



Is There Something Wrong? (Love Revolution)
Ursa Atrox (Love Revolution)
Sun Don't Shine (Love Revolution)
Birds (Love Revolution)
Something New (Love Revolution)
God, I Love America (Love Revolution)
Box (To Save The World)

Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi

fREEX Through The Years

Alex Jones (Love Revolution)
3-Minute Interview
Lysine (Simple Good)
Box (Simple Good)
Mental Rental (Simple Good)
Hillbilly  (To Save The World) [Live @ Rooster's Roadhouse]
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